Uniforms and workwear

A uniform is an attire for a particular professional position

It should indicate professionalism and prominence, perhaps even status and authority and convey the wearer’s function or occupation. In occupations that make a person stand out, a uniform is worn, and it is advised that the wearer’s appearance not reflect his or her personality.

Communicate prominence and excellence

A uniform should be well-made, the right size, and customised to the wearer’s requirements. It should be easy to maintain, composed of strong materials, and have a comfortable cut.

Cohesive brand image

A cohesive brand image is quite powerful. It gives a business, organisation, or group of people a cohesive, prestigious and professional appearance. When the clothing is well-chosen (for example, business suits for trade shows, windbreakers for field work, and T-shirts for outdoor teamwork), it makes employees feel good, collaborate well, and it fosters a sense of belonging.

Lea Pisani has extensive knowledge in this area and can help you find the appropriate clothing from a variety of vendors while assisting you in selecting the colors, materials, and cuts that are ideal for your company. She is also capable of creating a challenging technical specification for a tender and monitoring the clothes’ manufacture.

The new corporate identity for AMZS personnel, Ljubljana Parking and Markets Company staff, and Slovenian traffic wardens were created by Lea. She has created various corporate wear projects with costume designer Alan Hranitelj, including corporate identities for Žale funeral and cemetery services, the Slovenian Tourist Board, Ljubljana Passenger Transport, and Maxi delikatesa.

How will your staff be dressed?

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