Uniforms, work clothes

The uniform is the suit of the role

The uniform must speak about the role of users or their profession. It must reflect professionalism, reputation and sometimes even authority. It is used in those professions where the individual is exposed, and it is good that the image does not reflect his or her personality traits.

Reputation and quality

It is very important that the uniform is tailored to the needs of the user, the right size and of good quality. Fabrics must be durable, the cuts comfortable, the colours persistent and their care undemanding.

Coherent image

A coherent image has tremendous power.  With it, a company, organisation, or group of people looks more coherent, professional, tidy and respectable. If the clothes (business suits for fairs, windcheaters for field work, T-shirts for team work in nature) are carefully chosen, the employees feel good, work as a team and feel a sense of belonging.

Lea Pisani has a lot of experience in this field: she can find suitable clothes for you, offered by different providers, and helps you choose colours, materials and cuts that are suitable for your business opportunities. By means of a public tender, she can also prepare a demanding technical specification for you and follows the whole production of clothing.

Lea is the creator of the new corporate image of the wardens of Slovenia – the employees of the company Ljubljanska parkirišča in tržnice, and the employees of AMZS and Iskra Mehanizmi. In collaboration with costume designer Alan Hranitelj, she has carried out several business attire projects: a corporate image for Žale Central Cemetery, the Slovenian Tourist Board, Ljubljana Passenger Transport, and Maxi Delicatessen.

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