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Dress Codes

Author: Lea Pisani

Price: EUR 34

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Format: 155 x 240, hard cover
Scope: 200 pages
ISBN 978-961-290-872-0
Publisher: Lea Pisani s.p.
Publishing date: May 2020


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    What will you find in the book?

    Have you got an invitation which specifies a dress code?

    For a quick decision, you just check a spreadsheet that will help you find descriptions of clothing and accessories for the desired dress code for all occasions.

    Are you organising an event?

    If you would like to write the correct dress code for your event on the invitation, simply look among the event descriptions and add a term.

    Are you going to a funeral for the first time? Or will you be a guest on TV?

    You will find comprehensive instructions for a suitable image in the chapters Dress Code for Funerals and TV Performance.

    Are you employed in education, have a job interview, have you been promoted?

    Concrete instructions, recommendations and pieces of advice will make it easier for you to decide on the appropriate outfit and accessories.

    Would you like to create a friendly manual on dress codes for the company?

    In the Chapter How to create a dress code, you will get tips and advice on how you can create the manual yourself.

    References on the book

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    Jacques de Baenst

    The Honorable Ambassador of His Majesty the King of Belgium, Director-General of the European Commission, Head of protocol from 1994 to 2010, lecturer and protocol consultant

    I was really surprised when I discovered the book Dress Codes for all Occasions by Lea Pisani. This is the most comprehensive work on the subject that I know of. I strongly recommend the book to all men and women who want to make sure they are properly dressed in every situation.
    Dr. Luis Ritto

    Former EU Ambassador to the Holy See, Order of Malta, Permanent Representative of the EU to the United Nations, Professor Emeritus at the International School of Protocol and Diplomacy in Brussels

    I read Lee Pisani's book Dress Codes for all Occasions with interest and found instructive and useful information. Lea Pisani successfully and easily summarised all the most important elements of the dress codes, from the most formal (white tie) to the least formal. As we know, etiquette and protocol are based on strong traditions. The dress codes are part of the traditions of this world, but no other book of protocol can boast of such a comprehensive presentation as Lea Pisani’s book. Her book is therefore an important contribution to a deeper understanding of clothing and to the knowledge of its use. I recommend it unreservedly.
    Ines Pires-Urquiza

    Founder and Director of the International School of Protocol and Diplomacy ISPD, Brussels

    Dress codes are very important in creating a first impression. By defining different dress codes, Lea gives readers a plan to dress successfully for different occasions.