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A comprehensive image of the individual contributes to the company’s success

Seminars and interactive workshops

Attending the educational events is the beginning of the process of forming a complete image in accordance with your natural endowments, abilities, personality, and, most importantly, your lifestyle and occupation.  Our image has a lot of power as it can help us live better, communicate more easily and reach our objectives faster. We live in a time and environment where we can all make an impression with the help of clothes. We all have the opportunity to adapt our image to different business and life opportunities. Why not take advantage of this? Let your life be a stage. Use colours, cuts and accessories in a planned way and achieve your objective quickly by knowing the basic rules of modern etiquette.


to form a comprehensive image of the individual that contributes to the reputation, efficiency and effectiveness of the company.


  • People prefer to socialise with orderly people;
  • We all look at each other first and then we speak to each other;
  • We all get dressed every morning, so it’s good to know something about the clothes;
  • Better presented people communicate more confidently;
  • With a proper, respectable image and appropriate behaviour, we raise the reputation of the company.

You will learn:

  • How your image shows success (colours, clothes, and accessories);
  • What the business casual image should be like for lifestyle and occupation;
  • How your image should be adapted for different business situations;
  • Suitable and unsuitable clothing for a business environment;
  • Basic guidelines for personal tidiness;
  • Basic guidelines for good manners and body language.

Expected results:

  • an image that is in line with the company’s vision;
  • knowledge about dress codes and choosing the right outfit for every occasion;
  • creating an image that reflects positive personality traits;
  • better communication in order to achieve personal and company goals;
  • appropriate behaviour for excellent business relationships.

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At the end of the training, we will compile a manual designed in collaboration with the workshop attendees. A good manual is a big help for people in managerial positions as well as their subordinates. It describes what clothing is suitable for particular business situations, provides information about personal presentation, and sets out the basic guidelines for communication.