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Image Consulting – what is it?

The success of both the company and the individual largely depends on the individual's self-confidence and self-image.
As an image consultant or a consultant for a comprehensive image:

In companies, I help with consulting to raise the culture of the company through the culture of the individual, taking into account all employees—their role, position, their normal working day, and business opportunities.


Changing the culture of the company through the image of the individual.

In individual consultation, I help you create a comprehensive image that suits your personality traits, natural endowments and is consistent with your way of life and work.


Discover the power of the comprehensive image.

How to achieve a comprehensive image?



Aim: through raising the awareness of the individual and his or her role in the company, we raise the culture of the company, taking into account the new, less formal image of modern people.

Uniforms and work clothes

Aim: to emphasise the strength of a single group of people who, with a unified and considered image, act professionally, respectably and express the same values and goals

Individual consultation

Aim: a complete image, excellent visual identity, knowledge of natural resources and a coordinated and useful wardrobe with great savings of time and money.

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About Lea

Lea Pisani is the author of the bestselling first Slovenian handbooks on clothing and dress codes. She has been working as an image consultant for 24 years. She has created dress codes – comprehensive criteria for choosing appropriate clothing for all occasions. References by foreign experts in the field confirm that Lea is an innovator in this work not only in Slovenia but also in Europe.

She advises and coaches in various education systems and companies, as well as creating uniforms and work clothes. In her studio, she advises individuals who want to make a conscious image according to their personal characteristics, professional abilities, and lifestyle. Through training sessions in companies, she proves that personal satisfaction and self-confidence, to which a comprehensive image of an individual contributes, are the foundation for raising the culture and efficiency of any company.

She has upgraded her knowledge of the culture of behaviour at the elite ISPD (International School of Protocol and Diplomacy) in Brussels. She specialised in London and obtained the title CMB Image Consultant. Lea holds a university degree in textile and clothing design.

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